2016 Candidates Bernie Sanders And Rand Paul


It is good to finally see some candidates with some intestinal fortitude! Some folks with the guts to stand up and say some of the things that have to be said. Some candidates who actually work toward activating those ideas before we slide into the abyss of oligarchy or tyranny. We have gradually diluted the rights of the people, explained them away and infringed upon them. It has been so gradual, that the masses have gradually accepted it. Like the proverbial frog in the pot of water as the temperature is turned up by just one degree at a time, we seem to not notice.

There are some though, who are saying the right things! Some are even doing the right things, at least to a point! Unfortunately, some are not. Most are caving into the pressure from party ideologues on both sides who have latched on to small portions of questionable history, political theory, religious dogma, social manifesto, and other misguided ideas as planks in very weak political platforms. Worse still, there are many, perhaps most, who follow the dictates of those who spend the money to help get them elected! All the while the foundations of their party platforms are being destroyed by the very things they espouse!

But there are two individuals who seem to be standing for what they really believe on a level unprecedented in modern history. Two near exact opposites on the political spectrum, but two that I really admire for standing up for what they believe is the truth.

Bernie Sanders

One is Bernie Sanders, whose politics I mostly despise, but who is being true to his beliefs and has never hesitated to do so even in the face of the most devastating odds. Bernie is an ideologues in one sense of the word, but he as also proven himself to be practical enough to be outcome based.

God bless you Bernie, and if the world ever becomes inhabited by saintly individuals who could administer a purely socialistic program without bias, selfishness, lust and greed, and workers who are willing to produce for the masses without the thought that they themselves might be slighted, you will no doubt, stand at the side of God and all will be perfect! I really have the greatest respect for this man!

Rand Paul

The other is Rand Paul, who is sticking to his guns, literally even, sticking up for the bill of rights, standing for privacy even in the face of the most caustic of attacks, and saying no further, and even more, you must back away from the ground already stolen from the people!

Rand Paul is also an ideologues when it comes to matters of personal liberty and fiscal policy, but he has shown himself to be flexible and outcome oriented on other matters.

His message resonates with true constitutional conservatives, with young people who are thinking more like the founders than any generation in recent times, with libertarians who want to move away from big government but don’t want big religion, or big corporations to slip in to take its place, with dispossessed individuals from both parties, and with all who really believe that liberty will, in the end, always bring greater prosperity.

That is, everybody but party ideologues on both sides and the media on both sides!

At this point in time Mr. Paul is taking heat from both sides of the aisle, but there is really not much to it. Some is just pretending that he is a buffoon and acting as though he will go away. Some are feeble attempts to distance themselves from the man without getting too far away, because any real distance between his ideas and ones own, may soon be seen as running in the wrong direction!


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