A New Year’s Note For Constitutional Americans


In this new year, we need to remember that we are not “Great” just because we are Americans.

America has been great for what it stood upon and what it stood for! When we lose that, we lose our greatness. Great men stood on great principles and produced monumental works. We have drifted, we have slipped into the grey, we must get back to the principles of our beliefs and our Constitution if we are to be great again!

We do not get back to our former greatness by constantly infringing on the rights enumerated in the constitution or even those not specifically listed in the constitution.

We get back to our roots by defending those rights, the loss of which signal the end of our society.

Giving up our privacy, our right to speak freely, our right to worship as we see fit, our right of public dissent, our right to be armed, for a sense of safety means we are no longer truly Americans. It signals that terror has won out over freedom, and that the world is no longer safe anywhere for anything!


We have an election for the presidency coming up this year. If we want to get back on the right track before it is to late, we must start now.

If you want what is best for our country, please lay your emotional reactions to the side, and look at the candidates, not for what makes you feel patriotic, but what actually is patriotic. Look at them from a Constitutional perspective. Ask yourself this question”

“Does this candidate stand upon and defend the Constitution?”

If not, look at the next, and the next, until you find one that does! It is really that simple!

Then, for the sake of God and country, support that candidate and vote!


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