I started this blog as a means to dealing with a local issue. Now it has become something more political, perhaps more philosophical. I warn you now, that it will not be perfect. I will have some very strong opinions, and they will likely be strongly Libertarian and favor ALL the Bill of Rights over most anything else.

If you can handle that, we should get along well, if not, you are welcome to hang out and argue if you like. Thats one great thing about freedom of speech, everyone gets a chance to speak.

In point of fact, if you are reasonable, responsible, and coherent, you might even find your soap box right here! I am happy to have opposing opinions! Who knows, you might even change my mind!?

Which brings up something else: I reserve the right to change my mind. Only an idiot thinks he knows everything and will not accept instruction! It’s not wishy washy, it is not waffling, it is just intelligent!

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