African Americans Comprise 47% of all Federal Firearms Convictions!


According to the U.S. Sentencing commission, for the period ending in 2013
Fed, FBI stats show:

  • 37% decrease in violent crimes over 20 years
  • 39% decrease in murders over 20 years
  • 39% decrease in firearms related murders over 20 years
  • 47% of those convicted on Federal firearms crimes were black

African Americans are far more likely to have federal “enhancement” charges than whites.

Federal criminal justice charges for firearms related crimes are far more likely to be levied against blacks than whites, yet most of the gun control legislation passing through our system has the far left Democratic lawmakers sponsorship, backing and approval!

So, African Americans are more likely to be convicted of federal gun charges than any other cultural or ethnic group in the country, and by an even higher percentage, continue to vote for the party that is most likely (by far) to pass the federal gun laws of which African Americans are almost 50% more likely to be convicted?

Is that not racial profiling, or is it simply discrimination?




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