Ankara And The Value Of Muslim Blood

Ankara Turkey from Wikipedia
Ankara courtesy of Wikipedia

Ankara, Turkey, the place where the true east meets the true west was rocked by a car bomb on the 13th. The west seemed not to notice.

In a Facebook post from a friend I saw a picture of the world representatives doing homage to the victims of the attack in Paris, and a picture of a few people surrounding the site of the Ankara car bomb where 32 lost their lives followed by this caption:

The value of Muslim blood has been explained in one single image!

It is sad that the world is not well represented, sad that we have come to ignore such atrocities in places where such atrocities occur on a regular basis. May I also say though, that perceived Turkish involvement with radical factions in Syria and other parts of the area, and perceived Turkish actions against the Kurds has colored (not justified), the world’s lack of reaction to this.

If Turkish officials continue to act as though they are supporting the radical factions of Islam, if they continues to look like they are suppressing the Kurds, it will be hard to glean much sympathy from the world community.

We pray for the peace of Ankara and all of Turkey, and all of the middle east.


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