Another Jail Plan We Can’t Afford!


“Finally! A Jail Plan We Can Afford!” The new Smith county jail support group went public today! KLTV ran the story, along with a story from the opposition side, which I applaud them for. In a related story, the “What Part of No” committee, challenged the “Finally! A Jail Plan We Can Afford!” committee to a debate on the issue. Sadly, this was refused. It could have been a great opportunity for the public. Our opinion is that there is really not much to debate. Smith county cannot afford this jail proposal, anymore than it could afford the last 3 proposals. There are, at this time, fewer reasons than ever to build a new jail. Alternative programs are working, and with the support of the commissioners court in the area of funding these programs, the need will soon evaporate. The addition of a an extra court or two, would further diminish the need for building a jail. I hope our legislators are listening.

With that in mind, this just looks like just another jail plan we can’t afford.

In the interest of fairness, we would like to extend an opportunity to the two parties to submit their views here. We will print them, unedited, straight from the horse’s mouth.


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