I Bet You Are Not Conservative!

I bet you are not conservative!

I Bet You Are Not Conservative!

How to know if you are a Conservative:

1. If you seek to limit free speech, free press, free assembly, or freedom of religion, you are not conservative.

2. If you seek to restrict the right to keep and bear arms, you are not conservative.
3. If you want to have soldiers quartered in private homes by force in time of peace, you are not a conservative.

4. If you seek to search and take property without a specific and detailed warrant from a judge, you are not conservative.

5. If you seek limit due process or the right to avoid self-incrimination or restrict an individual’s right to fair bail, and just compensation for private property taken for public use, you are not conservative!

6. If you try to restrict the right to a speedy and public trial by jury, the right for the accused to confront witnesses against him, the ability of the accused to call his own witnesses and have legal counsel for criminal or civil cases, you are not a conservative.

7. If you seek to restrict law suits by restricting a person;s right to trial by jury, you are not conservative.

8. If you think that excessive bail and cruel or unusual punishment are okay, then you are not conservative.

9. If you put the rights of the federal government ahead of the rights of the individual, you are not conservative!

10. If you put the rights of the federal government ahead of the rights of the individual state, you are not conservative!

From: ajeffersonian.com

Please Note:
I allowed the publication of my notes on the Bill of Rights from the post “What Is A Conservative” and it caught a little traction, so I thought I would publish it here as a separate article for those who might like a simple version for one reason or another. Please do read the entire article for a more complete take on the subject. Please feel free to copy and paste this simple test of conservative principles to your favorite social media outlet, and if possible, leave a link back to the parent site so other people can understand what a real conservative is! Thanks!