Booking Time American Idol and Sidewalk Spitting Cases



What do jailing people for class c misdemeanors and watching American Idol have in common?


They are both a colossal waste of time!

The difference is, that watching American Idol, shouldn’t take any officers of the street!

Grits For Breakfast had a great post today on why Burnet will not accept any class c arrests. There is some interesting information on just what percentage of arrests are class C in that area.

Every time an officer books in an arrest, it takes time for the arrest, time for the drive to the jail, and time for the booking in. In the case of class C arrests, it makes no sense. This class of crime can barely be called a crime to begin with, and will ultimately end in a fine. I wonder how many thousands of hours are lost annually in Smith county processing the equivilent of sidewalk spitting cases? How many officers are taken of the street, and forced to do what must be the most boreing paperwork in history, while no one patrols their territory, and the jail becomes more crowded?


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