Cornyn Joins The Dark Side!


Still pissed off to the max this morning that our Republican led (if you can call that leadership) houses, (yes, that is plural), could pass such onerous legislation, I get a notification that John Cornyn, who I am sad to say, is my Senator, just sent this message:

#TheForce is strong with this #GOP-led Senate! Year-end spending bill protects Texans from over-reaching regulations!

Darth Vader?
Darth Vader?

To hear the senator talk, you would think that this law was raining blessings down on Texans and the rest of you, like a cow pissin’ on a flat rock! Sorry, that’s one of our many colorful phrases here in the Lone Star State. In point of fact though, what actually happened was that the country got a big old crock of longhorn excrement!

The law, which was the “grab everything you can and run like hell” bill, known as the Omnibus Bill which is now law, gave everybody everything they wanted, except for those of us who were hoping for a little fiscal responsibility coming out of our Republican led Congress!

The President got free reign and financing to bring in as many questionable refugees as his little heart desires. Every social program that you can imagine gets funding. Continuous wars and rumors of wars get funding too! The NSA regained ground it lost in earlier tussles about whether we have any right to keep our privacy, like I said, everyone is jumping for joy, except those of us who are concerned that we are borrowing a million dollars a minute just to continue to play this stupid little game!

Can someone in Washington be an adult, and actually tell the truth once in a while?

To you Senator Cornyn: We did not send you to Washington to become a liberal! We sent you to Washington because we thought you were a conservative! You are proving us wrong! To use your Star Wars analogy, “you have gone to the dark side!”


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