DACA Dreamers: Modern Conservative Immigration Policy

DACA Dreamers: Modern Conservative Immigration Policy

DACA Dreamers are being used as pawns in a game of political chess. Today’s “conservatives have abandoned free markets and open borders in favor of authoritarianism and protectionism, neither of which are truly conservative, but being “tuff on crime” is easier than dealing with the real problem!

Real conservatives favor open borders

Real conservatives, let’s use Reagan as an example, did not make many of the distinctions that today’s “conservatives” make regarding legal and illegal immigration, and they favored (real conservatives still do) open borders and open markets.

Open borders and reverse immigration

This doctrine led to a gradual reduction in both types of immigration over the years since. Such policies along with NAFTA increased the numbers of jobs in Mexico which decreased the number of border crossings into this country to the point that by 2014 or 2015 we had achieved reverse immigration. Then some fool started talking about building a wall! The trend reversed almost immediately!

DACA Moral and Financial basis

The 800,000 or so young people affected by the DACA decision were brought here, mostly during a time of transition, have been here most of their lives, see this as their home, and use very little public assistance. They commit less crime than the average American at that age and have been training in jobs in which we need the talent. Most were brought here with no say in the matter. For those reasons, it is morally, and financially ridiculous to deport them.

DACA Constitutional basis

From a Constitutional perspective, (I do not care what sort of racism and xenophobia have occurred since in the name of law and order) There is NO constitutional criteria that would put the feds in charge of our borders and immigration for that matter!

The once and future DACA

DACA was an overstep by the Obama administration, just as we have many oversteps by the current administration, and does need to be fixed. That being said, the fix is to pass the Durban Graham bill into law, which effectively makes DACA a permanent fixture in immigration law, while also solving many other issues.

This is what Donald Trump alluded to in his speech announcing the end of DACA. He wants, oddly enough, to see DACA become law under the Dreamer legislation, and has said in at least one tweet that he will bring it back by executive order if need be. This is a wise move, but one that is confusing his followers, at least those who were paying attention!

The oddest of the twisted oddities in this strange game of twister is that the Trump followers, those who are awake are having to choose between Trump’s shift in immigration policy over the DACA Dreamers, or admitting that he has changed his position and getting out of the game because Trump is doing one of only two conservative things he has done since being in office!

What a real conservative believes about open border and immigration!