Daily Smith County Jail Proposal News | Copyright?


OKAY!? “This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.”  Alice would say. I am begining to think that Scott Henson is right when he says, “the pro-jail crowd in Tyler has begun to implode and sabotage their own efforts.”

What am talking about?  Well, WhatPartOfNo.com reported today that “2 Days Ago it Was Security, Now its Copyright!  What is really going on?

It seems that Smith officials are now saying that the reason that they will not follow the directive of the Attorney General is because of a copyright issue! The credibility factor was already low for Smith county officials, but somehow, inspite of that fact, they have managed to plunge it even more deeply into the abyss of absurdity!

Stay tuned for the next edition. Who knows what’s next?


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