Daily Smith Jail News Constipated System Constipated Thinking


The Smith county criminal justice system is constipated! Yes, constipated! The thinking that led to this situation is constipated as well! The fact is, that we have been putting more people into the belly of this antediluvian beast than it can handle, and now it has to regurgitate some of them into other counties until it can swallow them up again, before they come out the other end!

Bad diet has a lot to do with the problem. It swallows too many people who are guilty of nothing, or guilty of only small, non violent, inconsequential “crimes”! It gorges on snacks of individuals who should pass almost immediately through the system. It shovels in long term, hard to digest individuals who should be in prison, or released, but who are stuck in the bowel until the courts can provide a judicial enema, because there are not enough judges to process the cases.

The system needs a better diet. It can’t get one until it starts “thinking outside the john”. The constipated thinking of the past will not alleviate the bloating!


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