Daily Smith Jail News | Demagogouery At Its Best!


I posted this a day or two ago about the taxpayers money being wasted by the county to defend them against your right to know.

In the finest traditions of ancient political fear mongering, the county has hired legal counsel, a Smith county lawyer,  apparently doing double duty as a spokes model as well.

Let’s be frank about this. Voting against this jail proposal, or for that matter opposing this proposal, is not about letting criminals out on the street as it is being portrayed! To say that it is, is pure demagoguery. This is even more poignant to me as we look at the recent statements of the new attorney hired to defend commissioners as they try to keep the truth from us. Demagogues were orators hired to frighten people into agreeing with official policies in the ancient world. That pretty much sums up what’s going on here!

Make no mistake about it, this is demagouery at it’s best, or maybe that is at its worst, and it fits the greek definition perfectly, and it is being done with your money and mine!


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