Donald Trump Endorsed By Close Friend Of North Korean Dictator!


Friend Of North Korean Dictator Endorses TrumpWell, it is true! Donald Trump received the endorsement of a friend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Turns out he is also a friend and associate of the Donald, Dennis Rodman! Rodman was once fired by Trump on the apprentice, but still thinks enough of the real estate mogul, turned reality show star, turned presidential candidate that he came out to support him. Rodman’s name is a part of a growing list of the unusual and somewhat bizarre backers of the Trump train over the last few days.

That list includes, Chris Christie, a seemingly fierce opponent with some strange alliances and allegiances of his own, and David Duke, former Grand Dragon of the KKK!

What do a former governor of Jersey, a friend of a North Korean dictator, and a white supremacist have in common, well, Donald Trump, of course!


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