DPS: The Irresponsible Drivers Responsibility Program Tax


DPS: The Irresponsible Drivers Responsibility Program Tax

The Texas Department of Public Safety has a “drivers responsibility program” which is irresponsible, and I might add, illegal. This program has a system of surcharges levied on drivers, above and beyond the cost of the tickets and fines imposed by courts. It is, at it’s base, simply a means of gaining revenue, in other words, it is a tax! This money is earmarked for the Trans Texas Corridor project. The illegal tax is a part of the “Driver Improvement Program, but does it improve drivers?

The simple answer: No!

According to the last information I could find, 66% of these fines go uncollected, and 10% of the population of the state of Texas has been labeled “criminal” as a result!

Politicians and bureaucrats have always been adept at sliding taxes and tax increases under the public radar, but this one is really slick. It slides in under the guise of promoting a more responsible driving public, and who wouldn’t want that? The longer it stays in effect, the more people will be fooled into thinking it is right.

A more recent, inderectly related example, is the advertisements on TV that simply say: “You Drink, You Drive, You Go To Jail!” There are legal limits to the amount of alcohol a person can have in his or her system, and while drinking and driving is always a questionable practice, not everyone who has a drink and climbs behind the wheel is over that limit. The ads are a very slick way of prejudicing the jury pool! If you say it enough times, people begin to think that it is true, and no one is in favor of drunk driving!

The illegal tax, called a driver improvement, or driver responsibility surcharge is cut from the same bolt of cloth. If they continue to do it, and have no significant resistance, the illegal tax will continue.

Make no mistake about it, this is an illegal tax, the very essence of which was enough to drive our forefathers to fight a blood revolution!

Careers and lives are being ruined as a result of this tax “by any other name,” and it should be stoped, and all of the money gained from it should be returned to the individuals who have suffered from it! Call or write your representatives today and tell them to to stop this hidden taxation!


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