Fiscal Conservative Wanted, Housing Provided


Conservative Wanted

We have achieved a record setting 19 trillion dollar debt, which will soon be 20 trillion dollars in debt. The truly sad thing about this is that no one seems to be bothered enough about it to do anything about it! If we do not act on this soon, we will force our progeny into economic slavery!

Let’s do it

We have about a year left in the current administration before a new one takes over. Wouldn’t it be a great idea if we spent just a little of that time figuring out who is a real fiscal conservative?

Process of elimination

Let’s try that old process of elimination thing that people once used when there was a bit of logic in the world!

Easy ones first:

Democratic candidates

We can rule out both remaining Democratic candidates. They are both happy to let you know that they will continue to increase your debt to get their way.

Donald Trump

The Trump train with all it’s emotion is a train wreck waiting to happen. Here is why: Donald Trump recently announced his plan to do away with Obamacare and develop a single payer system that is even more socialistic than the current system, or the system proposed by the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders! He is not a fiscal conservative by any definition. That would add more to the debt, and accelerate the rate the debt is acquired!

He also polls as about the only republican candidate who could not defeat a Democratic candidate!

The Iowa barrel bottom

We can rule out those who were less than 5% in Iowa. That’s okay though, because they were the business as usual Republicans who would have continued the current rate of debt at a slightly slower pace than Mr. Trump.

That leaves 4 Republicans and one independent.

Libertarian party candidate

As much as I would like to see it happen, we will not have a Libertarian party candidate win an election as a libertarian any time soon, so we are down to 4.

Marco Rubio

We can remove Marco Rubio for the same reason we would remove Jeb Bush, or the others at the very bottom in Iowa: He is business as usual, but worse in some ways because he is willing to increase the debt by trading money for social programs in order to get more money to sponsor every conflict that comes down the pike!

When push came to shove, he caved to the old guard and sacrificed billions for entitlements just to get a few more shekels for the military! That is not conservative in the least! That will not bring all the party sides together.

The sad part is that he knew it was not even the best thing for the military at the time. He just wanted to look as though he was taking some presidential like action. He has also been very hawkish, participating in coalitions which have involved us in conflicts which are stretching our budget, endangering our soldiers, weakening our allies, alienating our friends around the globe! It is a dangerous game, he is no fiscal conservative, and we can not afford to have his legislative policies in the Whitehouse!

It would seem that he is not so conservative after all!

That leaves 3, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul:

This gets a little harder here. I like these guys, they all say the right things.

Ben Carson

Carson is truly committed but comes across as slightly weak. I wish him the best, I think he is great, but it does not look like he would be electable.

Ted Cruz

Cruz may be the best debater in the modern world, but has that Canadian birth thing hanging around his neck, and, until that is solved through the court, most likely the court supreme, there is a damper on. Now, Cruz is infinitely well suited for such an argument before the justices, he has been there before, and won! Still, until that is settled, all else is moot.

Rand Paul

That leaves Rand Paul, who is also a great debater, a constitutional expert, a supporter of the entire bill of rights, and a fiscal conservative with a real plan. I know this is going to put a lot o kinks in a lot of armour, but that is how it breaks down!

Update: Senator Paul has exited the race and gone back to full time defense of the Constitution at the Capital, which desperately needs it! His exit from the Republican Primary lowered the average IQ of the field by several dozen points!

See: Republican Primary Feild Loses IQ Points!


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