Get Out and Vote! Your Liberty Depends Upon It!


If you oppose the Smith county jail bond proposal as I do, you should be at your polling place on November 4!

Even if you do not oppose the jail bond, or if you don’t care about the jail bond, you should still cast your ballot! There are plenty of other issues! I am not a Republican, or a Democrat, but if you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Whig or a Torrey, don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the Democratic process that William F. Buckley jr. called, “Our Civil Sacrament”!

In our Republic of law, democracy is the opperating system, and the individuals right to vote assures it’s continued opperation.

Recent Presidential elections have proven the power of the individual vote, but that power is magnified when it comes to local offices and local issues. Great men have set asside their families and livleyhoods, and in many cases their lives to assure the success of liberty. Don’t negate their sacrifice by lack of action on your part! Participate in democracy!


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