Government Officials Traitors, Not Snowden


Government Officials Attempting To Force Snowden To Be A Traitor

The U.S. intelligence community is now attempting to close the options for Edward Snowden by pressuring non extradition countries to keep him from going there. This will backfire. If Mr. Snowden finds himself to be a “man without a country”, the likelihood of him giving information in exchange for asylum will increase. In fact, this may be the goal: To force the trading of sensitive documents for safety in order to make him appear as a traitor.

The only thing that stands between this man and death or incarceration is the American people. It is time to tell our politicians that the real criminals are the government leaders who thought it was a good idea to spy on everyone, and the real crime is unlawful, unconstitutional search and seizure as defined in the 4th amendment. That is treason!

It is important to remember that while Mr. Snowden may have released information, the information that he released was about an illegal program. If we now have egg on our national face, the egg was put there by the NSA! Mr. Snowden just gave it a good hard thump!


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