If Taxes Were The Issue Both Smith Bonds Would Have Failed


A big part of the world got a big shock last night! In our small part of the world the electorate gave what should have been a shock to local officials, but I fear it was not effective. Smith county officials have not realized that the population of the area has changed, and the attitude of the area has changed along with it.

Voters in these economically questionable times, chose a 125 million dollar school bond package, and rejected a 59 million dollar jail bond package. Officials can no longer blame the jails failure on the peoples reluctance to vote in favor of additional taxes. If taxes had been the issue, both bonds would have failed. Officials have blamed past jail bond failures on taxes and economy, and that rationale has evaporated. It is time for the officials to take a long hard look at the real problem, and the real reasons.

It is time to get some input from people other than the same old county cronies. The status quo preserving advice coming from people who fear that any change might lead to some personal economic distress is not working, because the political clout has shifted.


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