Iowa Is The Beginning, Not The End!


You know how you feel after a taking the first of a long series of tests, or getting finished with the first play on the gridiron! I have that sense after the Iowa Caucuses! It is like, okay, we got that done, the jitters are gone, let’s go kick some ass!

Iowa Is The Beginning, Not The End!

Iowa is a great proving ground, but it is no longer accurate! Sorry guys, but can anybody say Rick Santorum?

Iowa is not the end, it is the jitter reliever that is needed to make way to New Hampshire. It has been great folks, thanks for your hospitality, we have enjoyed it very much, but now, we have an election to win!

This is not over till the convention! It is a battle for the hearts and minds of this republic! We dare not allow it to lose! We can not accept socialism or fascism! We must have freedom and a democratic republic to support it. Without this we drift into darkness and with us, the rest of the world!

Imagine, the media, both the left wing, or mainstream media as they call it, and the right wing media, which now seems to be nearly as full of idiots, both ignoring you because you are right, conservative, and truly Constitutional in your political viewpoint.

Add to that, the love of the far left idiot opponents, and the far from right idiot opponents, and the fact that they glean nearly all the media airtime, and you with nothing but a few people on the ground, and the truth on your side.

That is the position that Rand Paul has occupied since the beginning of this cycle, yet, he managed to pull from the crowded field somewhere near 6%! Folks, that is not big corporations, or big donors, that is pure, honest grass roots participation from real freedom loving Americans!

If Iowa means anything, it means a new beginning at a higher level, it means the line has been breached and an opening made to take the battle to the enemy! It means an opportunity to take the message of liberty to the hearts of freedom loving people in this country, and give its leadership back to the people!


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