Is Islam A Religion Of Peace? History Seems To Say No!


Al-Bahgdadi once said that “Islam Was Never A Religion Of Peace…” History proves that Islam has always been the invader!

There was a time before this present time!

I think we forget that from time to time. We forget that those events which came before this moment have something to do with how and why the present situations came to be. Even when we do recognize the connection, it is usually only in reference to our more recent past. We cannot seem to get a thorough vision of what has brought us to this point in time. The panoramic view seems to elude us at almost every step. This seems to be part of the human condition, we can not see the future, and we have some difficulty understanding what has happened and how it effects our present and future.

We must change this, if we are to survive!

We are dealing with issues today that could end Western civilization, and whether or not you think that ending Western civilization is a good idea, (and it is not) you need to realize that it has brought about the greatest freedom and prosperity in the history of the world, and you will miss it’s benefits if it is gone, and you will wish it back before the first day without it ends!


For our purposes, let’s think about this in terms of radical Islam. This seems to be a key place where our memories become blocked. When we think of radical Islam and it’s history, we tend to go back just a few years, to the cases of terrorism which are the most fresh in our minds, and when we do that, we are often told that the reason for those acts of terrorism is what America and the west has done to the Muslim people throughout the world.


What has the west done? Well, according to the rhetoric that flies around these days, we gained the hatred of radical Islam when we removed their leadership (usually corrupt monarchies) and replaced it with secular dictators.

As inaccurate as that characterization is, let’s go with it because it is the closest we can get to a mutual understanding of the situation. There is some truth to it, but probably not as much as we think. The problem is that we have not looked deeply enough into time and reason.

The real reason, the one that resoundingly echoes through history and thought is the relation of the west with Israel. To get to that one, we have to go back a ways! If you believe in the Bible, then this is not new to you, if you don’t, that’s okay, all you need is a limited grasp of history and that will suffice.

The west has a strong connection with Israel because Christianity was born of Judaism, and the west is largely Christian in thoughtform, if not always in action. (It is possible in the west, to listen to Christian choirmaster Bach’s “Jehu Joy Of Man’s Desiring” while sitting in an abortion clinic.) The fact is, that the west is steeped in Christian thought. We cannot escape it, it is pervasive!

Both Judaism and Christianity preceded Islam. Isaac and Ishmael, according to tradition and the Old Testament or the Torah, are the fathers of the two combatants. They were, according to the story, half brothers, both sons of Abraham. That’s how the story goes, whether you believe the account or not, that is the only account we have.

Let’s go back to a time before ISIS, before the west installed “corrupt” dictators, back before oil was even a factor, let’s go back to Mohammed and the beginning of Islam!

Mohammed and the start of Islam

In the middle east of those days there were a few small religious systems, but most had given way to monotheism of one type or another. It basically boiled down to Judaism and an offshoot of Judaism, Christianity. Around 500 years after the advent of Christianity, Mohammed began his teachings, and a new system came into being. That system, based partially on the religion of the Jewish people appealed to those somewhat dispossessed sons of Abraham, and Islam was born. I am not here to promote Judaism, or it’s extensions, Christianity and Islam, I am just telling a story based on the documents available.

Islam from 600 to the crusades

I want to make a disclaimer here. I originally hoped to do a much more detailed history of Islam and the Islamic wars up to, and following the crusades, but there is only limited time and I want to come back to it later, in another post. For our purposes here, I will divide it into three parts.

Islam and the first Islamic crusades

Almost from the very birth of Islam, things began to change. By the mid 600’s, the followers of Islam had taken Constantinople and Rhodes, and had reached the Indus river. By the 700’s Islam had taken much of Europe, including Spain and France. They continued to advance until around 1100. It is important to realize that during this time, Islam was always the invader. For 500 years, Islamic terrorists invaded neighboring countries and some not so neighboring countries for the purpose of taking land, slaves and treasure, and the promotion of the ways of Mohammed.

Islam and the western crusades

Islamic invaders terrorised a large part of the known world until around 1096 when the “Christian” crusades began, and the invaded turned into the invaders. It is here, this period of time, that most people look back to as the real beginning of the western world’s problems with Islam. It is as though the west had suddenly decided, without provocation, to invade the Holy Land! The wicked Christians invading the poor helpless, peaceful Muslim world! I suppose, to the modern mind, the 500 proceeding years of mayhem wrought by the Islamic invaders had nothing to do with it!

Let me make this clear: From the birth of Islam, up to the crusades, Islam had been a hostile, attacking power all the way from Mecca to Italy and other parts of Europe. This was not provoked by the Europeans. The crusades changed that, but it should be understood that Europe did not start the conflict, it was 500 years of Muslim attacks that began this part of the story!

Much has been written about the crusades. Much of the story is just that, story. There were, no doubt atrocities, just as there had been atrocities before the crusades, and as there would be afterward. I am not defending the crusades as a Christian action, but it does appear to have been a near political and geographical necessity. At least if Europe was to survive.

From the end of the crusades onward, Islam was a near constant thorn in the side of everyone else. The various Muslim empires were a constant threat to Europeans, and the Crusades were always used as the justification for this action, even to the present!

Islam and the post crusade world

The western “Christian” crusades ended around 1291. For about 200 years, there was near constant battle between the west and Islam, not all of it was Knights invading the Holy Land. Counting the 500 years of Muslim invasion into Europe, we had already racked up 700 years of war. Unfortunately, that’s not where it ended!

The following 600 years or so saw a nearly unending Islamic invasion! A near constant testing of the borders was the norm. There are so many battles, and so many tales, that there is no way to tell them all here, but one of the more interesting ones is the Story of the Prince of Moldavia, who over years of battle, and years of learning the unyielding and stubborn nature of the Islamic invaders began the habit of impaling them alive by the hundreds! He was called the son of the dragon, or Dracula, in his native language!

Islamic extremism and the modern world

I suspect that the best place to start this is 1948, with the beginning of the Jewish state. Since that time there has been strife been continuous strife between the Jews and Muslims. The close spiritual bonds and intellectual ties between much of the west has resulted in new enemies for the followers of Mohammed who are even further away! The argument is still as old as Islam, perhaps even older. It will continue. It not begin in the last century, and will not end with this one. It is a 1500 year old story that shows no sign of coming to an end.

The history of this conflict did not begin with the Christian crusades, and it did not begin with the United states support if Israel. It was not started by the alleged installation of secular dictators in Islamic countries. It began with radical Islamic invasions into other countries, almost as soon as it came into being!


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