Is Killing Gays And Women Consistent With The Democratic Platform?


Killing Gays And Women?

Is killing gyas and women consistent with the Democratic party platform? Is Killing gays and women consistent with the Democratic party platform this year? The Democrats seem to be at odds with themselves here, and it begs certain questions:

Are they that dumb?

I seriously doubt that anyone is actually that dumb, but it would explain some things. That is another rabbit hole, for another post. Let’s just assume that the politicians who want to offer refugee status to a million or so folks that we know very little about, and who are coming from a region of the planet where America is not highly regarded without any background checks are not in fact dumb!

If not, what then?

If they are not, then, what do they have to gain? Could it be votes, ie, undocumented Democrats? Do they expect that this coupled with the erratic voter laws in the country will bolster Democrat numbers in a sort of sick Quid Pro Quo?

I have no way of knowing, I will say that while it is probably not the plan, it still may have the same result. We have seen such twists before.

Could it be something even more insidious?

I don’t care for conspiracy theories, but I must admit that this really puzzles me! Since no other answer seems to satisfy, I thought I might throw this in in the interest of being thorough.


I can usually get the answer by the old “follow the money” strategy, but this one does not work with that method, unless it has something to do with middle eastern oil that I can’t see at this time.


Maybe it is power. Perhaps someone seeking a new position, perhaps with the UN, and inviting refugees in is a good way to show the other countries that you are a team player could use something like this to their advantage.

Maybe bringing on a crisis might go a long way in making sure that the country is prepared for that sort of thing, perhaps even UN intervention on American soil! This all seems a little far fetched to me. It is probably just my overactive imagination. Still the question goes unanswered.


At any rate, it seems sort of strange to bring in this many folks from any part of the world, no matter the background, the religion, the culture, without first doing some background checks. This should be doubly so since these refugees have already given some serious problems here and abroad and considering that they come from an area where anti american sentiment is high.

I understand the humanitarian need, and I do understand that this is the motivation for the initial interest in helping refugees, but without some type of screening this is simply naive and gullible, and fits into the “dumb” category.

I don’t honestly know how such conflicting interests intersect, but my guess is that they do, and that money, or power, or both are involved!


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