Is Trump A Trojan Horse?


Trump as a Trojan horse.

Given Donald Trump’s recent conversion from ultra liberal, super left wing democratic supporter of such folks as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and even Harry Reid, It is fair to ask: “Is Donald Trump the Trojan Horse to allow for a Democratic victory in November?”

Mr. Trump has been a lifelong Democrat, with some few small ventures toward Republican politicians when it suited his business purposes. That is a fact that is disturbing in and of itself. I mean, he admits to routinely giving gifts to government officials to procure favors, but that is not the point here. Mostly, he has been a Democrat, supporting gun control, supporting abortion on demand, and supporting a single payer health care program which is even left of Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders!

Then one day on the road to Damascus, or perhaps on the Jersey Turnpike, he saw the light! If you listen closely , you can hear a lot of thinking people choking right now, because we just can’t swallow it!

Don’t regurgitate any of that “Globalist Establishment” conspiracy stuff about how all the Rinos and establishment types and the liberals are conspiring against Trump either. That is insane on the face of it! RINO is an acronym for Republican In Name Only, an acronym that fit’s Trump better than anyone else in the field. As for the establishment, you are correct! Trump has been a thorn in their side, and for this, I thank him, but what the establishment really fears is a serious assault from the real right wing of the party, the Libertarian movement. That is why so much effort was spent to ignore Rand Paul and pretend that he did not exist, there is the real threat to business as usual in Washington.

What Trump has done, is to take the attention off the real and serious issues in which we should be engaged today. He has managed to steal the attention from real candidates who could defeat the socialist agenda and the Washington machine!

Is Donald Trump a Trojan Horse? I am not sure, that is one possibility. If so, he will open a gate for Sanders or Clinton to take the reigns of the country. Since the polls show that he cannot win against the Democrats, that would seem to be the case. Either that or his followers are so blind and misguided that they cannot see what is happening in time to prevent it. Perhaps he is a Democrat in Republican clothes and wants the win for himself as opposed to those other socialists, or perhaps he is just a pawn!

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes


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