Is Trump Afraid Of Megyn Kelly Or Rand Paul?

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Is Trump afraid of Megyn Kelly or Rand Paul?

The Donald can claim that he is not afraid of the pretty blond bombshell on FOX, but it sure appears that way!

Let’s look at a some reasons why Mr. Trump would want to avoid being questioned by Ms. Kelly:

Hard questions and exposure to the truth

Is he afraid that she will ask all the hard questions that others are giving him a pass on? Is he afraid that she, of all people knows the truth, that he is not really a conservative at all? Perhaps he thinks that she may expose him for the socialized medicine favoring, anti gun, pro abortion, narcissistic, dangerous, hotheaded liberal Democrat that he actually is!

Fear of women in power

Or, is it the fact that Mr. Trump does not like an intelligent woman, especially one that might ask him the tough questions? That means he has a problem with women in power, perhaps coupled with a large quantity of misogyny.

To prove his power

Perhaps the Donald wants to show off his power, either by proving that he can have a debate questioner removed, or that the ratings will drop without his presence. Either way, it is exactly the sort of thing that one would expect from a self absorbed narcissist!

Well, there you have it in a nutshell, the three possible reasons for Donald Trump to so despise Megyn Kelly that he is willing to skip the upcoming debate if she is a moderator.

The presence of Rand Paul

There is another possibility. Since Rand Paul was absent last debate, but is to be present at this debate, perhaps Mr. Trump fears the only candidate who has taken him on and humiliated him in the debate sphere! It has been posited by some who run in the media circles and political circles where these sorts of under the table deals are made, that the Trump campaign may have had some influence in Dr. Paul’s exclusion from the last debate. Since Paul’s exclusion resulted in his being seen, and followed by more people than his presence at the debate would have accounted for, and since the RNC and the media finally admit that his numbers put him in debate territory, Trump would be forced to face him this time!

The timing of Mr. Trump’s announcement is important here.

Donald Trump had been hinting for days that he might not want to be involved in the debate with Ms. Kelly. This started around the time the pundits began to consider that Dr. Paul would likely be on the stage for this debate. His decision to drop[ the debate altogether was announced almost simultaneous with the announcement that Rand Paul would in fact be on the stage!

Coincidence? Possibly, but I doubt it!


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