ISIS And Gun Control In America


ISIS and Gun Control

It should now be obvious that gun control is not something that our government does very well. Our least constitutionally minded leaders would like to ignore, and/or dismantle the second amendment, and leave the weapons in their control only. Let’s think for a moment about what they have done with that control:

Weapons to our enemies

They have involved us in conflicts that were not in our best interest in the middle east, they have supported the removal of leaders in those countries who, while not ideal, and sometimes even oppressive, are now being replaced by leader who are less to our liking, less to the liking of the countries they are ruling, and exponentially more oppressive than those we helped remove.

We supplied these new oppressors with arms and munitions, some purposefully, some perhaps, inadvertently. Heck, we even supplied weapons to drug lords across our southern border.

It seems that our government is not very good at passing out weapons, even to our own military. While we are shipping firearms to people who want to kill us, we are often failing to provide optimal equipment to our own troops. Who came up with these policies? It might surprise you!

Who weaponized this stupidity?

While the biggest part of the load on this manure truck lands squarely on the White House lawn, there is still plenty to fertilize the house and senate as well. There is plenty of stupid to go around and it is even bi-partisan!

By the standards of our founders, the majority of the executive branch, much of the leadership of our federal law enforcement agencies, and around half of our congressmen and senators have committed treason!

Let me get this straight: You want to take our weapons?

In the midst of this feces storm, these same folks want to take away the only defense we have against all the enemies of our Constitution both foreign and domestic!

We are under threat of invasion by radical Islamic terrorists, who by most forms of reckoning, we armed using taxpayer money! Our government, the one which armed these terrorists is seeking to disarm us. Does that make any sense to you?

Our government cannot control the weapons within its own authority, why would we want to give them ours?

this firearm is covered by the second amendment to the u.s. constitution
Covered by the second!

Isis and gun control in America


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