Jailzilla Lite Coming Soon to a voting booth near you!


This was originally posted on 11/15/07, about what we expected to be the next move. I found it, and wanted to post it here. Seems pretty much on target, except that it took till November.

Posted by 1jeffersonian at 11/15/2007
Jailzilla Lite, Coming soon to A voting Booth Near You?
There are some of us who wonder if the outrageous figures presented in the last bond election might not have been a not so clever ploy to get taxpayers to say yes to jailzilla lite in May. Jailzilla lite. It is less filling than their regular jail and it tastes, well, you be the judge.

You are not going to solve the problems with the Smith County Jail, by building it a section at a time. There is only one cure for a jail that has gone from 28 inmates a day in the late 70’s to 950 inmates per day in 2007. (I understand that the population has increased, but not that much.) That is, to start solving the underlying problems. Why are so many being arrested for so little at such great expense to all?

If my calculations are correct, a new proposal will come to the surface that offers a baby Jailzilla with potential room for growth, at a cut rate price, more palatable for the population. Beware of such proposals! They have a tendency to grow during the birthing process. Once that camel gets it’s nose in the tent, it just keeps inching in until both humps are inside.

Besides that, we still have the problem, if it increased from 28 to 950 in thirty years, think of what it will be in thirty more! If the growth rate stays steady, it would be enormous, if it grows exponentially, as it seems to be, the figures go from enormous to astronomical! Tourism will have to be increased, just so they will have someone to arrest!

There has to be another way.

Like I said in an earlier post, at the current rate, we don’t need a jail, we need a fence.


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