Keeping Secrets From Taxpayers At The Taxpayers Expense


Smith County Officials Keeping Secrets From The Taxpayers At The Taxpayers Expense!

Every step of the way down the path that leads to the eventual rejection of the current jail proposal at the polls is being paid for by us! That is you and me, the taxpayers of this county.

First, we have a wrong headed idea about what the county needs, and a wrong headed solution developed by a wrong headed group of people in secret, at the taxpayers expense, put onto a ballot, at the taxpayers expense, the results of which, are being kept from the taxpayers, and being defended against the taxpayers and the State Attorney General, at the taxpayers expense. They have even hired a new attorney to help keep the jail plans secret from you, again, at the taxpayers expense!

This is, well, wrong headed!

The people have a right to know what they are voting for, and how it was developed. Would you buy a home or an automobile without knowing about it? That is what they are asking us to do. If the plans will not survive the scrutiny of the public, then why spend the money to present it in the first place? If the plans were developed in an illegal mannner, why make us pay for the lawyers to defend it?

Fellow Taxpayers, we are paying the cost of hiring someone to keep secrets from us!


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