Left Wing Media Favors Trump In Primaries! This Is Why


When I comment on a Facebook posted article about how the unfavorable numbers for Donald Trump in the general election show the need for a change in course for the Republican party, that is, a change in frontrunner, I always get that same sort of reply:

“You can’t be right, you have to stop believing the liberal leftist media etc.” Most of it much more unkind than this.

Now, I don’t trust the leftist media, and that is why I had to take a long look at the numbers for myself.

I try to remind them that those media sources and polls are the ones that show Trump in the lead!

Think about this:

If you were trying to make sure your opposition was an enemy of your choosing, one you were sure you could defeat, what would your first tactic be?

Mine would be to make him look invincible.

That is what the real leftist media is doing! You don’t have to take my word for it, just watch those news sources that everyone agrees are left leaning and they will all say about the same thing. They say they “hate Trump but his numbers are awesome and we are afraid he might be the Republican nominee”. If you listen very closely, here is a chuckle somewhere in the back of the newsroom that equates to a Simon Legree evil laugh!

Now, look at the traditionally right wing sources, they are, with very few exceptions saying that the numbers don’t match. They are looking at the same poll data and saying that “something is terribly wrong”! That “if you do your basic math, it does not add up”. The Trump people, and the liberal media are saying “no, he can not be stopped”!

With the exception of one or two “conservative” outlets like Breitbart, it is pretty much the same all over. The polls on the general election run the same despite the news source reporting them, with one exception, and that was one run by a Trump staffer around the time of the last major Gallup poll.


The left wing media is saying what Trump supporters want to hear, what their candidate wants them to hear because of his hubris.

The right wing media sources are saying wake up! It is time for a course change before we crash!

Trump supporters are then saying to the right wing sources, “shut up you bunch of turncoat liberals our man is going to win no matter what!”

Welcome to the start of Idiocracy the reality show!


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