We Live In A Republic Not A Democracy And our Problem Is A Lack Of Civics!


Ben Franklin came out of the Constitutional Convention and was asked: “Mr. Franklin, what have you wrought?” Franklin answered as one would have expected him to answer: “A Republic Madam, if you can keep it!”

A Republic! Not a democracy. A Republic based on the rule of law, with the citizens “democratically”electing the people who would make laws based on this central law, and only this central law!

Our founders were men of the enlightenment, and the renascence and also the reformation and from these tremendous geysers of human wisdom and knowledge they understood that men could not live without law, and that no one could be trusted to be the law. Now more could law be “Rex Lex”, the king is the law, but now it must be as Rutherford had said: “Lex Rex”, Law is king!

That meant not bowing to a princely line, It also meant not bowing to the tyranny of the majority! It meant that a single man should not determine the destiny of a country or an individual. It also meant that mindless herds fueled by human emotion would not rule the country or the individual! It was a way to bring law, and still leave the individual substantially free to do what they thought would be in their best interest.

The crazy thing is, it worked, and it can work today! We just have to start telling the truth again! We need to stop being afraid of saying that we live in a Republic, not a democracy. We need to say that some fool with a lot of money and a lot of followers who do not know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic will not be at the head of our government. We need to do this now, over the internet, in print, over the airways, and verbally with everyone we meet!

Our problem is that no one in this newest generation is taught civics!

We, that is people my age and older who were born in the last century were lectured and tested, and made to read and repeat and explain until it was obvious that we understood that we were a Republic, based on a Constitution which meant that we were ruled by law and not the tyranny of a king or the majority! We knew it, we were proud of it! We were ready to do whatever it took to maintain it against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!

If you are my age, were taught these things and worked your whole life for preserving our Constitution you know what I am talking about. You also know that electing a candidate who does not understand the difference between Republic and Democracy and who is threatening to further erode these distinctions and our rule of law is a bad idea, even if it has a strong sense of patriotic fervor. We can not let this happen, we have a country to save for our children and grandchildren!


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