Local Committee Compares Baker, Fleming to Nixon!


Once again, I find myself having to oppose the “What Part of No” committee! It is a sad day for me, but I must speak out because of the article “Flash from the Past“. The comparison of Richard M. Nixon and the “Watergate” scandal to the actions of Commissioner Fleming and county Judge Baker are false, and unfair! Just because the commissioner and the Judge have hidden documents from the people, filed suit against the Attorney General to keep the documents hidden from the people, made untrue statements to the press and the public to keep the truth from the people, gives you no right to drag Mr. Nixon through the mud!

I mean, sure, Richard Nixon authorized illegal activities, and sought to cover them up, but in Mr. Nixon’s favor, he suffered from paranoia, and may have felt he had a valid reason for the break in to Mr. Elsbergs psychiatrist’s office. I see no such valid reason for the actions of Mr. Baker and Ms. Fleming!


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