More Murdoch Madness Rupert Leads the Charge!


Rupert Murdoch is leading the charge to charge for online news! After losing millions in the online news sector, the media mogul has decided that it is not his companies service that is the problem, but the free news, advertising model that is to blame for the massive failure.

What’s hard to understand here is that while most media news outlets are suffering a major drop in subscriptions, how a business man like Murdoch, involved as he is in the media, could have missed knowing that subscribers are no longer subscribing!

There is plenty of evidence that the online, advertisement funded, model works. Could it be possible that Murdoch and the other media companies may be suffering from something else? Could it be that the moment by moment, on site reporting of individuals through such mediums as Twitter, is eroding the main stream media’s fan base? Could it be that that the American public would rather decide for itself what is news and what is not? Could it be that the general public is no longer paying attention to the media because it perceives it as biased? Well, of course not! It must just be the wrong monetary model!

I suspect that Murdoch will find that the subscription model will be less successful than the advertising route. The fact is, that if no one is willing to pay for your product, it matters little how you choose to monetize it. The main stream media is becoming irrelevant, and will continue it’s downward spiral in the toilet bowl of our culture, unless it wakes up and takes a look at the real cause of it’s flushing!


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