New Calls For Gun Control And More Spying Since Paris Attack


I knew it would happen at the time, I just was not sure exactly how long anti second amendment politician and pro government spying politicians could hold off as they salivated over the opportunity to make some sort of absurd connection. Oh, and let’s not forget the “hungry to capitalize from tragedy” media!

It turned out that we didn’t have to wait long for them to descend like vultures on the remains of this sadness.


I want to put the second of these two to rest first: Calls for more spying began immediately, but the fact is that information on this and other recent tragedies carried out by ISIS and its affiliates was available before the events. It was just not processed. This is the nature of the problem: There is so much information available that it is hard to know what to analyze! Enough said.

Gun Control

ISIS is to blame for the Paris attack, not the French government, not the French people, not the governments or people of any country of the west. Neither is it the fault of Israel. It is simply the fault of the planners and perpetrators!

Having said that, it should now appear to be unwise to disarm a population of relatively civilized civilians in the face of such growing concern! There is a threat in the world which cannot be controlled completely by the military or the police forces of the world. This is not pitched battle, this is rampant, irrational thugdom! The only defense is armed individuals who can meet the disease at it’s point of contact. Does that sound messy? Do you think that it is messier than what happened in Paris?

Now in the United States, calls for further gun control are going out from all corners. It is a little saddening to me that they have completely and utterly missed the point, the only real lesson that can be learned from such a tragedy; that it is better to be prepared than not! Disarming more law abiding citizens will not make us safe from those who have no regard for the law!


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