Trump Lie Of The Day: “I’m self-funding my own campaign. It’s my money.”


Donald Trump says he is financing his own campaign, but that is not true! Some will say it is partly true, but as far as I can determine a partial lie is a lie! 

Trump Collects Campaign Donations!

This has been a point of pride for Trump, but how true is it? In reality, Trump is borrowing money from his own business, with the idea of paying himself back with the campaign donations that he collects religiously!

Otherwise, why would he be collecting donations to begin with?

It is worse than it seems

In point of fact, one could easily make the case that The money Trump is borrowing is money which he has borrowed from those same banks to which he accuses other candidates of being tied.

Donald Trump has accepted 160 million from George Soros, which was an investment, or a loan for one of the Trump properties. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but to think that 160 million dollars does not buy some influence!