Peaceful Muslims and Sharia Law


Peaceful Muslims

I have no problem with peaceful Muslims. I understand that the majority of people who are terrorised by ISIS are, in fact, Muslims.

I want to say that from the outset.

This position is becoming difficult to defend however, given the rise in violence by, and the seemingly joyful participation in the celebration of violent acts by not so peaceful Muslims! Many are beginning to question whether the term “Peaceful Muslim” is an oxymoron.

Sharia law

If you live in this country and seek to replace it’s law of the land with your law, you should probably seek another country.

Our Constitution is very straightforward concerning such matters. In order to change this you would have to do away with the Constitution altogether, and that constitutes an act of war.

The president, all civil officers, and all our servicemen take an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Attempting this would put a peaceful Muslim in the category of Radical Islam. You cannot have laws that are contrary to our law of the land! If you cannot live with that, then you are in the wrong place.


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