People Of Earth, White Lines Are Not A Force Field!

Parking lot white lines
White lines are not a force field!

Maybe we can blame it on Star Trek, or perhaps, declining intellect, but I feel the need to say this loudly and clearly: “People of Earth, white line are not a force field!”

That must be what it is! Surely people have not become so ignorant or so lacking in self preservation that they are willing to walk into parking lot traffic without even looking to see what is coming.

I do understand that pedestrians have the right of way. I understand that drivers are supposed to allow them “right of way”. I understand that drivers are supposed to pay attention. What I don’t understand is the abdication of one’s own safety to some powerless white lines!

Yes, if the driver runs you over, killing you in the process, it will likely be his fault, but you will still be just as dead! I suppose though, you can rest in peace with the thought that that driver, paying more attention to the text from his boss was in the wrong, and that you died maintaining your right of way!

“Well, Your Honor, my deceased client was a simple man, he did not understand that the white lines would not protect him. His widow and children deserve to be compensated for those faulty white lines!”


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