Print Press: The Suicide of an Industry


Newspapers are dying,! Well, at least the print versions. Who killed them? Well, according to Les Hinton, the Dow Jones chief exec, it is Google!  Matthew Flamm, reported.  According to the story, Hinton equated Google to a “digital vampire”, sucking the life blood from the print media! More bellow:>>

Sorry Mr. Hinton, this was not a murder, it was a suicide! The autopsy results are in, and the wounds were self inflicted. TV and radio could learn some valuable lessons here as well:

  • The main stream media has long determined what’s news, and what’s not, and were able to shape the events of the world, and the way people looked at them by suppression and exaggeration. Digital media has been able to allow individuals to have that choice.
  • They were as unprepared for digital media as scribes were for the printing press.
  • The speed with which digital media is able to “scoop” print media makes last nights news obsolete by the time a daily newspaper hits the stands.
  • The “democratic”  nature of the Internet offers news and views from multiple perspectives rather than the monolithic spin for which print media has become infamous.
  • Interaction is possible with digital media, interaction which is far better than the watered down versions offered by newspaper “readers comment” sections.

I could go on for pages about this, but why? The people who need to hear it the most, consider the general public, of which I am a part, to be ignorant and unable to decide anything on their own!

Let us know where to send the flowers.


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