Rand Paul And The Clown Debate!


Okay, I don’t have much time to harp on this at the moment, but I have to say something. Fox business news, in their bid to be as stupid as the left wing news outlets, has decided that it is a good idea to drop Rand Paul from the top tier debate this Thursday. By now you are all aware of that! The numbers for Paul are better than those of most of the other candidates who will be appearing on the stage. Mr. Iowa, Mr. Traffic Gate, and Mr. I thought I was next in line for the throne, are still there! I can’t believe it! Then, I realized that this is either all about money, or, well, all about money!

A sane candidate doesn’t sell ads, but when you have a the clown college running, you can’t have some smart guy ruining all the fun! (My apologies to Senator Cruz, who is intelligent, and a powerful debater, but still has interest to the media types because of the controversy surrounding his place of birth, and that is always of interest to someone.) It might drop ratings, it might be less thrilling.

Or, it could be that Fox has decided that the status quo is better for the long term health of their media outlet. If you keep promoting RINO candidates, then you can perpetuate the problem, lose the election, and still have something to bitch about till the next election cycle!


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