Rand Paul: Bet You Will Wish You Had Him Back Soon!


Bet you wish Rand was still in the race!

All I can say now, now that the mind numbing stupidity has begun in earnest is that: about now you should be thinking: Rand Paul, Sure Wish We Had Him Back!

Unless you are a Trumbot, Trumpite, Trumpete, Trumptard, Trumpist, or some other form of reality show fan, my guess is you already miss the sometimes snarky, always intelligent, well read Doctor from Kentucky who put the Constitution ahead of everything and was a real and solid civil libertarian, as well as the only real fiscal conservative among either party’s candidates!

If you don’t miss him yet, you soon will. I give it 2 months past the inauguration of whatever moron is inaugurated, before you start to wish that you had not encourage your friends and family to support a reality show star, or a socialist, or one of the other parade of circus clowns we have seen during this election cycle!

My guess, is that you will deserve whatever monumental debacle occurs! The problem though is that those of us who could see this happening, and tried desperately to do something about it before you helped shove all of us into the abyss, did not!


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