Rand Paul Exits Primary Race, Average IQ Drops!


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Rand Paul exits primary, IQ drops

It was announced earlier today that Rand Paul was dropping out of the Republican primary race. This is a sad day for Republicans, Americans, and the world! 

Not a total loss

It may seem heartbreaking, but it is not a total loss. I know that sounds a little trite, but in this case it is true. There has been a great deal of progress for the Liberty movement, more people are growing weary of status quo politics, and more people are understanding the basics of the message of real freedom.

If we do this right, the frustrations of the Tea Party hopefuls, the dispossessed Democrats, and the highly emotional but basicly unfocused masses who latched onto the issues of political correctness, impotent foreign policy, and massive fiscal irresponsibility will join with us to regain our Constitutional freedom!

What we must do

There are some things we need to do.

We must get together

It is not always easy to get people to coalesce  around something as big as liberty. It is hard to get two Libertarians to agree on anything! The movement is made up of fiercely independent people, who are committed to their various viewpoints. It is amazing that we can do anything requiring more than one person. This primary election has proven that we can. This we must do. We need think tanks, we need writers and publishers, we need people from all walks of life, and we need them to get together! We need to do this now, before the lessons are lost.

We must deal with the media

The largest roadblock on the way to Liberty this primary season was the media’s censorship by omission. It was huge. Their silence spoke volumes about greed. The media is so possessed by conflict that it will not look at the truth because the truth does not sell ads, conflict and idiocy does!

Equal opportunity ignorance

This censorship was almost equally balanced between those on the right, and those on the left. It is equal opportunity ignorance. We must fight back.

All through the first half of the primary race, Paul was ignored by the media, candidates who garnered lower numbers in the polls were mentioned with greater frequency by the media. To the very end, when the Iowa Caucus had ended, the top four were everywhere on the airwaves. So were the bottom tier candidates, burt Dr. Paul, coming in with  5% or better, was ignored to the last!

The only time this changed during his candidacy was at the very end. When he announced his exit, a sudden storm of media attention occurred, and even some truth with it! “He was, the voice of reason, he ran an honest and powerful grass root campaign…” etc.

In short, we have to fix this problem.

I will be adding more to this as time permits. Please join me in this effort toward freedom and prosperity for our nation!



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