Rand Paul For President


A Jeffersonian supports Rand Paul for the Republican nomination for the Presidency!
It is now time to take a side and draw a line in the sand. There is no other candidate who stands as strongly against the erosion of the Bill of Rights, without which, this election is just a step toward socialism on one hand, or feudalism on the other. There is no other candidate who is “outcome based” for the long haul. There is no other candidate who offers a real proposal for reducing the tax code, reducing taxes, eliminating the IRS and curbing spending by dealing with the really tough issues. There is no one else in the field who supports real changes for the criminal justice system, term limits, and forcing congress to actually read the bills they pass!

There is a problem though. The media, both sides of the media, and anything that might still exist of the middle of the road media, has gone to great extremities to ignore Rand Paul. They have worked very hard to avoid even the mention of the name.

Reasons? Well, he does not fit in with the establishment Republicans nor the establishment Democrats. Conservative media seems to be supporting Donald Trump for the nomination. This is because of the sensationalism, at least I hope thats the case. Liberal media likes Trump too. He is the poster boy for all that’s wrong with conservatives and Republicans. I have wondered if he was actually on the Clinton campaign payroll!

All this, in spite of the fact that all the straw polls, and other indicators from the battleground states show Rand Paul ahead of the other Republican candidates, and ahead of the likely Democratic nominee! Trump is aware of this, otherwise he would not be attempting to convince Paul to quit at every turn!

This will be interesting for the media to deal with when Paul wins in Iowa. How will the media respond? Will they continue to ignore as before: “Well today in Iowa, Donald Trump laced second and Ben Carson sank to third. Other candidates are…”.


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