Rand Paul Seeks To Defund Refugee Program


After attacks on our own soil in the U.S. including the 9/11 tragedy, the Boston Marathon bombings and others, then various other attacks by radical Islamic terrorists including two of the latest, the downing of the Russian passenger plane over the Sinai and the attacks in Paris, our own government wants to settle a serious number of Islamic refugees in this country!

They are doing this in spite of the growing unrest in all countries in which these refugees have so far been settled. The issue is not refugees in general, but these in particular. It is becoming obvious that something needs to be done to separate the true refugees from the Jihadists who seem to have been hiding in their midst. Senator Paul is suggesting complete background checks for anyone entering our country as a refugee. The plan includes provisions to defund aspects of the settlement. Please see the following video for details as presented in the Senate today


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