Rand Paul: What Does He Believe?


Rand Paul
Dr. Rand Paul

Most of our candidates bounce around on issues. Some move from one untenable position to another without batting an eye, which should trouble us all.

One candidate just plain can not be trusted! Her dangerous and already disproven “neo-con” thinking has already plunged the world into chaos.

One is an admitted democratic socialist, and if you don’t know what that means, go back and check the history of the last century from about 1930 to 1990.

One is a man who has learned to tap into the emotions of the most frightened of our nation. The ones who are watching the world burn and for the first time in their lives, feel politically helpless to put out that fire, or do anything about the descent into the sewage of history. This candidate has a lot of emotional connections but no serious, constitutional plans to deal with the problem.

There are American royals, there are authoritarians who think the answer to our problems is more spying and more harsh penalties for non offenses.

Then, in the midst of all this ridiculous rhetoric, this illogical insanity, one candidate has sounded a clear and consistent voice for freedom and liberty in our country, a call to rebuild our liberties and strengthen the things which remain. That candidate is Dr. Rand Paul!

Instead of writing a long diatribe on the man, I thought I would allow him to explain himself. There are several short videos on a variety of topics relevant to our nation, and getting back to the things that make us strong!

Follow the links below for a look into the greatest heart and mind of this election cycle!


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