Release of Smith County Jail Plans Will Endanger No One


Let’s be clear on one thing:

There is no risk to the deputies of Smith county, or to the people if the floor plans to the new jail are released as the Texas attorney General has said they must. I am certain that Mr. Good will not turn the plans over to the mafia, or for that matter to anyone else. This is a legal matter, to prove a legal point, and the ridiculous demagoguery should stop!

I have become even more ashamed of the county commissioners (I didn’t think it possible to be more ashamed) for attempting to use such fear tactics.

The real reason for standing in the way of this order, is that it will prove without a doubt that the county officials who participated in the clandestine meetings to plan the new jail project, did so in willful violation of the law! It is my understanding that if they did indeed file finished plans with the State Jail Commission (what good would unfinished plans do) on the date in question, that having the floor plan is just a legal formality. The law has been broken, and further legal actions should be taken!


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