Republicans Looking For New Ronald Reagan?


Republicans are looking for the new Ronald Reagan . At least some of them are. It appears that the establishment Republicans are not happy with the field as it stands now, and would prefer a more moderate candidate who speaks the language of fiscal responsibility and still pays homage to the gods of over governance. The party is at odds with itself.

Mitt Romney would be perfect, but he doesn’t speak the language that moderate party insiders and extremely wealthy backers know they need in order to bring the fiscal conservatives along for the ride.

What they seek is someone who shouts conservative monetary policy from the highest mountain top, who, at least publicly cares deeply for the issues over which social conservatives salivate, and who will shout “deregulation” long and loud but still regulate where regulation is needed to promote the companies who shove him to the top of the political pile. Establishment Republicans don’t want a Ronald Reagan, they just want someone who sounds like him.


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