Ronald Reagan And Rand Paul On Social Security


I have heard questions about social security in all the debates, but only one real answer. That real answer came from Senator Paul. In reality, he just stated what we all knew to begin with, that is that social security is not a budget item, it is a stand alone program that belongs to the people who have paid money into it. It is having problems, because current and past administrations have chosen to raid it’s trust fund and have done so with our congress and senate never saying a word!

Dr. Paul knows that this problem has need of a solution if we are to keep the system operating, and has offered some real solutions to real problems in this area.

“Combined with years of wasteful spending by decades of career politicians in Washington, the Social Security trust fund has been left in a fragile condition.

Millions of Americans depend on Social Security and if we are to keep our promises to them, we can no longer ignore the fiscal state of this undoubtedly important program. Continuing to push Social Security reforms into the future will only make solving the problem harder and will require more painful changes for seniors.

During my time in the Senate, I have worked on proposals that would fix the shortfalls in the Social Security program through a gradual increase in the age of full retirement and by means testing yearly earnings, while preserving those benefits for near and current retirees. These changes would only apply to younger Americans who have time to plan for the future.

As President, I will remain committed to fixing the Social Security program, while preserving the system for seniors who have planned their lives around the program and implementing reforms to save the program for younger generations.”

"Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit." —R. Reagan

This will be coming up again and again during the debates. Here's the answer, from Ronald Reagan himself.

Posted by Brandon Weber on Sunday, October 11, 2015


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