Smith County Jail Bond What Are We Paying For: More Madness


In a thinly veiled attempt to push the Smith county jail bond, the Tyler paper has once again presented us with a course on how not to be balanced in reporting! If it was an attempt to be balanced, it failed miserably! Just more of the same mainstream media madness, that we have come to expect on this issue.

The title is of interest however: “Smith County Jail Bond: What Are We Paying For?” It is a good question! Well, here is the real answer:

  • We are paying for a lawyer to fight against us while representing the interests of a small group of political elitists in our county.
  • We are paying the salaries of a small group of political elitists in our county who want to keep information from us on an issue that we are expected to cast ballots on in a few days.
  • We paid their salaries while they held secret meetings in violation of the states open meeting act.
  • We are paying for jail overcrowding which they themselves could have prevented if they had really wanted to.
  • We are paying the costs of the Attorney General spending time fighting them against us.

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