Smith County Officials Tilting at Windmills on Taxpayers Horse


Futile attempts to conquer imaginary giants. That pretty much sums it up. That is what Smith county officials are doing these days. The sad part, is that the funding for these vain exercises, the horse they are ridding into this imaginary and futile conflict is from the taxpayers stable!

Smith county officials are once again refusing to listen to the taxpayers, and then forcing taxpayers to spend money on the election process so that we can tell them no again, then spending more of the taxpayers money defending themselves while they fight against us, the taxpayers, for the purpose of keeping information from us, the taxpayers, all over a building project that they alone perceive as being needed.

Every time a bond is put on a ballot, every time they challenge an Attorney General opinion, the lights, the air conditioning, the building where the clandestine meetings were held, are all paid for by the taxpayers!

Maybe it’s time we close the stable door!


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