Smith County | Yes To Schools No To Jail


Smith county voters said: “We want schools, and we don’t want jails!”  This is very significant, because it says, that in spite of claims that the economy and taxes are the reason for past jail defeats, that is not the case!

Smith voters do not want a jail! The commissioners and other county officials should get that through their heads. Voters need to keep a watchfull eye on county officials and say no to such sleazy tactics as “certificates of obligation”, which could slip the unwanted jail under the door of the democratic process.

The work that Ken Good has done with the issue of secrecy in the commissioners court is still very important, and I am sure it will continue as it should. The smith county commissioners should admit that they are out of touch with the voters, and and change their ways, or resign! The courts should be given all that they need to cary out the programs that are already working, as well as new programs. Local law enforcement should take advantage of the tools that were provided by our legislature, and signd by our governer, and stop clogging the system with “sidewalk spitting” cases. These things taken together will bring the jail numbers down, and provide a real world picture of the type of facility we might need in the future.

Note: This little note comes after watching Judge Baker being interviewed on local news. Judge Baker said that the failure of the economy was the reason for the failure of the jail proposal. He must have missed the fact that the school bond proposal passed with flying colors in the same economy! Looks like we can look forward to more of the same constipated thinking as before!

Smith county, I am proud of you!


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