Socialized Medicine Nationalized Banks Moral Authority


Several people I have talked to lately have been worried about the Barack Obama health care plan, and are worried that we may be headed toward socialized medicine. I share that concern. Socializing or nationalizing anything that should be handled in the private sector is troublesome to me on many levels.

The problem with these concerns is the quarter from which they emanate. Most of these folks are staunch Republicans, and I find that most of the Republicans moral authority on such issues evaporated when the House, Senate, and the Republican president chose to effectively nationalize the nations failing banking system.

The banking bailout is the biggest taxpayer rip off in recent memory, maybe ever. Every ounce of moral authority on almost any issue has been drained from both parties. The standard two party system is in shambles, and it is time for a different, more Jeffersonian look a the the political system.


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