Stop Comparing Trump To Reagan! It Is Just Moronic!

who are the Trump Supporters
Donald Trump Is No Ronald Reagan

Please, just stop comparing Trump to Reagan! It is just moronic! There is no way that it can even be made with  a straight face. I am so tired of reading these ridiculous comparisons!

Any time I read someone making a comparison between Donald Trump, and Ronald Reagan I have the urge to take cover because I am almost certain that God would strike the author and any reader who takes that sort of B.S. seriously with lightning!

No comparison in the least!

There is no comparison, there is nothing in the least that even comes close to being reality! The author should be ashamed and repent in sackcloth and ashes!

One example should do:

One example should suffice: Ronald Reagan came to the campaign with a fully developed sense of direction, a fully developed understanding of governing and a fully developed understanding of the Constitution There is no comparison between that and Trumps neo-populist half baked, if that much liberal left wing snake oil disguised as conservative thinking!

Trumpist Hogwash

I have rarely read such ridiculous hogwash in my life as what was in the above linked Breitbart article! Andrew must be rolling in his grave! There were little tiny bits of truth hidden in there, but few and far between and you have to shovel a lot of bull squirt to find them! Scroll up and read the article if you dare, I am afraid to look twice at it for fear it will destroy my soul!

The truth, the only truth mentioned

One thing was true though, The Yogi Berra quote, because it is “deja vu all over again”!

There is someone running in a race who is stealing the vote from valid real conservative candidates and in so doing, ushering in the extreme liberal left socialists in the process! Trump is pulling a Ross Perot on us and that is how we got Bill Clinton in office to begin with!

All you trumpists need to consider this as you blindly open the gate for the new Trojan Horse!
Trump as a Trojan horse.


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